Seven Emirates! Seven Science Fairs!
Calling all thinkers, problem-solvers and science lovers in the UAE! We are bringing the Think Science Fair to your Emirate! Are you ready?
Supporting the aspiring scientists of tomorrow
Launched in October 2012 as an Emirates Foundation initiative, the “Think Science” program aims to support, encourage and empower the youth of UAE to embrace a future in science.
Increasing youth’s curiosity in science
Visit the TS Fair and be inspired to unlock the scientist within you! Learn how today’s youth are making a difference in our future through science and innovation!
Do you have what it takes to compete?
Innovate, create and explore your scientific talent by solving community based problems for a better tomorrow through participating in the region’s largest science competition!
Connect, Educate, Innovate
Participate in a strategic business platform designed to connect the minds of young scientists and engineers with key industry leaders in science, technology and innovation through the annual TS Fair
Empowering youth in science, technology and innovation
Continue the journey to become a TS Ambassador and represent the UAE locally and internationally through our intensive program to create the next generation of scientists.
Think Science Fair

February – March 2019

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a scientist or how the UAE is leading the way in innovation?

This year, we are bringing the Think Science Fair to your Emirate! Get ready for an action Packed event celebrating all things science through interactive workshops, competitions and live science shows in the region’s largest science based event for youth!

Whats New?

7 Emirates, 7 Fairs

Register Now!

Register to visit the 2019 TS Fairs across the seven emirates as places are limited before 30 January 2019


The E-Booklet includes all projects, participating young scientists, and an overview of the annual TS Fair.

Think Science Ambassador

A Think Science Ambassador inspires, encourages, and recognizes the path to a sustainable future.

Think Science


Partnering To Empower Future Scientists

Connecting leading academic institutions, government agencies and cutting edge industry giants with aspiring young scientists to explore the world of science and create a culture of innovation in the UAE through active engagement via our TS Connect Platform.