The Connect Platform is a strategic business platform designed to connect the minds of young scientists and engineers with companies involved in the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) sectors

Through the Think Science World Fair, leading academic institutions and industry giants in the field of STI can showcase and run hands-on activities that can help school and university students understand how they might develop, enhance and apply their STEM skills in the real world.

The Platform is a vital component of the national Think Science World Fair which is an annual event that began its journey at a national level in 2013.

The Connect Platform acts as a broad engagement initiative with the aim of connecting young people with strategic scientific networks where 50 organisations and institutions will be selected to exhibit at the the Think Science World Fair.

This will allow stakeholders to engage with academia and representatives from government and private sectors in addition to thousands of youth from schools and universities across the UAE.

2019 Think Science Connect Figures

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Number of Visitors
Number of Connect Exhibitors
Number of hands-on activities

Think Science Exhibitors

The Think Science Fair offers a unique opportunity to inspire thousands of youth across the UAE by encouraging the cooperation and interaction between young scientists and industry leaders in the STI sector. We would like to thank all our Connect Exhibitors, supporters and partners who were vital in making the Fair the huge success that it is year after year. Thank you.


The E-Booklet includes all projects, participating young scientists, and an overview of the annual TS Fair

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Think Science Fair

Join us in the biggest scientific event of its kind in the region attracting thousands of youth and partners

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